Please review the charts for various claim amounts. The claim dollars are real. The reimbursements are real. This is just a sample of what we can do for your company.

Billed Charges - $9,7500%
U & C Rate - $1,7550%
Medicare Rate 200% - $1,3440%
Self-Negotiation - $6,8250%
OPES Group Negotiation - $8,8750%

Initial Offer

OPES Group gets involved as soon as a settlement is offered from the insurance provider. Even on Medicare-based policies, a successful negotiation is attainable.

Billed Charges - $16,5000%
U & C Rate - $4,8200%
Medicare Rate 140% - $2,4890%
Self-Negotiation - $7,5000%
OPES Group Negotiation - $11,9740%


Since the initial offer from the carrier is almost certain to be too low, OPES will continue to use our proprietary software and years of experience until a mutual agreement has been reached

Billed Charges - $87,5450%
U & C Rate - $25,7950%
Medicare Rate 240% - $15,9670%
Self-Negotiation - $42,8530%
OPES Group Negotiation - $75,9750%

Persistent Negotiations

Negotiations will sometimes appear to grind to a halt. OPES Group consistently increases claim value beyond this point because we know what you're entitled to, and when an Insurance Provider is withholding a larger payout.

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Maximum Settlement

Because we accurately know the value of your out-of-network claim before the billing process is started, OPES Group achieves maximum settlement every time.