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OPES Group, LLC was established in 2013 to help providers maximize reimbursements on out-of-network claims.  Before forming OPES Group, the partners worked with and for cost management vendors (CMVs), even helping to create several from the ground floor, as well as in contract negotiations and developing IT systems.  It was noticed over the recent decade that large insurers and third party administrators (TPAs) had a huge advantage over healthcare providers and facilities.  The simple fact is that they are often viewed as the “large gorilla” and that nothing can be done to offset their continued effort to minimize claim payouts while maximizing their own premium dollars.

The company was thus founded to help the healthcare community realize that there ARE ways to fight back.  Out-of-network claims used to be very profitable for healthcare providers.  However, recently their claim values are being drastically reduced.  OPES Group was created to help doctors and facilities maximize their claim reimbursements.  We have accomplished this by developing our proprietary software that tracks hundreds of data points on every claim.  With all that data behind us, our systems allow us to streamline the negotiation process, while maximizing your reimbursements.  We put all our negotiators through an extensive training course specifically designed for healthcare claim negotiations.

Our management team is driven by a winning team of dedicated professionals.  Our executive team is highly focused and has over 40 years of experience in leveraging healthcare costs, claims negotiation, IT systems, contract management, and team building.  Meet our team below.

“There ARE ways to fight back.”
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Eric Douglas
Sales Manager

Eric Attended the United States Military Academy at West Point where his concentration was in Nuclear Physics. He is a graduate of the John Hopkins University and it’s School of the Public Health & Hygiene in Baltimore, Maryland, where he concentrated on Biomedical Engineering and then Health Policy & Management. He has worked internationally solving business problems for 30 years and managed a successful $70M retail “box” for a global retail leader.

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Jeff Mattus
Managing Partner/Co-Owner

Jeff attended Arizona State University for Computer Science.  He worked with a national hardware maintenance company with emphasis in banking equipment.  Jeff designed and implemented databases and the associated user front ends to track and inventory hundreds of thousands of equipment items.  Thereafter, he worked with the Lyle Anderson Company (LAC), an international master planned community developer.  At LAC, Jeff streamlined many business processes and accounting procedures to better use developing technology. He moved on to work with a national cost management vendor (CMV), developing algorithms that assisted with claims negotiations.  Finally, Jeff transitioned to start OPES Group with other business partners where he uses his knowledge of IT systems and streamlined reporting skills to help develop and maintain OPES Group’s proprietary software.

Zebulun C. White
Managing Partner/Co-Owner

Zeb has been involved in Contract negotiations and management for 20 years as a successful business owner. In recent years, he acted as a consultant for an energy reduction company, helping many businesses significantly grow their profits, while being ecologically responsible when it comes to the environment. He likewise has been heavily involved in, and keeps up with the latest in technology, having run an app development company for several years. For the past 3 years he has been actively involved with OPES Group, building their technology, software and business model.

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